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Habitat Restoration, Land Reclamation, and Erosion Mitigation with The NativeSeed Group

The NativeSeed Group is the only vertically integrated native seed company in North America. We offer a wide range of seed and erosion control solutions to suit any project need from large government projects to small-scale landscaping applications. We provide the highest quality seed and erosion control products with superior customer service and support.

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Create vibrant landscapes with the best native seed inventory

The NativeSeed Group™ carries an unmatched breadth and depth of native seed inventory, allowing us to provide the ideal solution for each project. From highly unique local-ecoytype seed used to help restore sustainable habitats, to higher volume seed species used for large-scale reclamation and/or erosion mitigation, to cover crops used for pollination and soil regeneration, The NativeSeed Group has what you need, when you need it.

Vibrant Landscapes
Custom Seed Blends

Get sophisticated, custom seed blends quickly

NativeSeed Group™ offers customized seed blends to meet each project’s specific needs. We offer the widest selection of seed, species and varieties to choose from and can mix and ship on a just-in-time basis.

Expert advice from leading scientists

For nearly 50 years our team of advanced degree plant ecologists and wildland scientists have helped ensure projects are done correctly and sustainably. We often work closely with landscape architects, environmental engineers, and botanists to create and deliver custom seed blends to fit any project and budget. Our team evaluates factors such as elevation, soil conditions, precipitation, and habitat considerations in collaboration with our customers to increase the odds for success in the field.


The NativeSeed Group™

Who We Are

We have decades of experience designing regionally adapted reclamation and restoration seed solutions spanning small landowners beautification projects to large scale, complex habitat restoration initiatives. Our best-in-class team members specialize in plant ecology, science, agronomy, and wildland seed collection. We do not rest until we provide the best possible solution for our clients.

Processing Facilities

Four state-of-the-art farming, processing, and cleaning operations capable of producing a wide range of seed species from large-scale, workhouse varieties to highly specialized local ecotypes.

Strategic Locations

11 points of distribution, carrying over 1,000 seed varieties complimented by a complete line of erosion control products.

Our Customers

Markets We Serve

NativeSeed Group is North America’s leading native seed and erosion control products supplier. Our breadth of inventory and advanced seed blend formulation capabilities provide the best solution for a diverse market set.

Federal and State Government Agencies

Contractors & Hydro-Seeders

Fortune 500 Corporations

Landscape Architects

Non-Governmental Organizations

Ranchers and Small Landowners

Our Markets
The NativeSeed Group Brands

The NativeSeed Group™ portfolio has nearly 50 years of experience providing custom advanced seed solutions spanning government and commercial markets to homeowner enthusiasts.

Seed & Erosion Control Distribution

Specializing in complex, large-quantity orders for government and commercial applications. Our sales and distribution locations are strategically positioned to carry the right seed for the right location, and fully outfitted to provide custom blends on a just-in-time basis so you can get the right seed in the ground when you need it.

Seed Production

The NativeSeed Group's four strategically located farms have been producing a wide spectrum of seed ranging from highly specialized local-ecotypes to large-scale workhorse species spanning multiple generations of farmers. Our farming techniquest are tried and true, with cleaning and processing capabilities that are second to none. We are extremely proud of the farming communities we support as well as producing the highest quality seed for our customers.

Small Acreage Landowners & Homeowners

These NativeSeed Group companies offer high quality solutions for enthusiasts with less than an acre to ranchers or farmers with up to five acres. Our high-quality, locally adapted seed mixes for lawns, pasture, turf, or forage are superior to big-box store offerings because of their higher seed counts and purity.

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